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Transforming Driveways: Seamlessly Blending Old and New Pavers in Delray Beach, FL

Are you facing the challenge of integrating new pavers into your existing patio or driveway, only to find that they don’t quite match? You’re not alone. Many homeowners encounter this issue when extending their outdoor living spaces. However, there’s no need to worry – Perfect Paver Co. specializes in seamlessly blending new and old pavers to enhance your home’s curb appeal and make your vision a reality.

Let’s delve into a recent project that perfectly illustrates our dedication to meeting our clients’ goals. Situated in the Casa Bella Community in Delray Beach, Florida, this driveway transformation serves as a prime example of how we help homeowners achieve a more cohesive and attractive outdoor space.

When our client approached us with their concerns, their main goal was to correct the mismatched pavers in their driveway and increase their home’s curb appeal. Understanding the importance of their vision, we collaborated closely with them to develop a customized solution that would significantly reduce the noticeable difference between the old and new pavers.

Paver staining in Delray Beach fl


The process began with thorough steam-cleaning and the careful removal of residual sealer to prepare the surface for treatment. Next, our skilled technicians applied polymeric sand to ensure stability and uniformity in the joints. This specialized sand hardens when installed, providing lasting support for the pavers.

Paver sealing in Delray Beach fl


Then came the crucial step of enhancing the color of the pavers through our innovative tinting process. Using specialized techniques, we added color pigment to the pavers, significantly reducing the noticeable difference between the old and new sections. While perfection may not be attainable, our process makes the color variation significantly less pronounced, helping our clients achieve a more harmonious look for their driveway.

Paver staining and tinting in Delray Beach FL


With precision and attention to detail, our team applied the tinted solution evenly, ensuring a smooth transition between old and new sections. Finally, a protective coat of our proprietary sealer was applied to enhance durability and enrich the color of the pavers, making them look more vibrant and beautiful.

Paver Color Restoration in Delray Beach, FL


The results were truly remarkable. The vibrancy of the pavers was restored, significantly enhancing the overall appearance of the driveway. While the color difference between the old and new sections is still perceptible upon close inspection, it is now much less noticeable, allowing the home’s beauty to shine through.

Stain old pavers to match new in Delray Beach fl


In Picture 6, you can see the initial dual look of the driveway, showcasing the overall appearance before our transformation. Picture 7 highlights the vibrant results achieved after our process, with the color variation significantly reduced. Picture 8 provides a close-up view of the mismatched pavers before our intervention, while Picture 9 showcases the enhanced vibrancy and reduced color difference after our treatment.

At Perfect Paver Co., our ultimate goal is to make our clients’ dreams a reality by delivering exceptional results that exceed their expectations. If you’re facing similar challenges with your outdoor space, trust us to provide customized solutions that bring your vision to life. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help transform your home.

Paver restoration Delray Beach fl


Restoring Vibrancy: A Clay Paver Restoration Project in Oakwood, Ohio

This paver restoration project provides a valuable insight into the meticulous cleaning process undertaken by our team. Clay pavers are renowned for their vibrant appearance, and restoring them to their former beauty is a specialty of ours. If your clay pavers have lost their vibrancy due to organic buildup, our expertise is at your service. We recently undertook the transformation of a clay brick paver back patio and front porch outside a charming home in Oakwood, Ohio.

Brick paver restoration Oakwood ohio

Approaching Each Project with Precision

Approaching each project with dedication and precision, our team embarked on this unique property with a keen eye for detail. Recognizing the challenge posed by excessive weed growth, our technicians identified the need for a specialized nozzle, known as a “turbo tip,” to effectively address the issue. Employing a whirlwind-like motion, this nozzle efficiently removes weeds and debris from the joints, ensuring a thorough cleaning process across every inch of the paver patios, starting with the front porch.

Overcoming Aesthetic Challenges

Despite the inherent beauty of the property, the presence of mold and weeds marred its aesthetic appeal. The homeowner’s previous attempts at maintenance had yielded limited success, prompting them to seek our assistance. Utilizing our specialized cleaning equipment and leveraging the expertise of our team, we achieved remarkable results, leaving the client astounded by the revitalization of their home.

Clay paver sealing Oakwood ohio

Paver sealing Oakwood ohio

Paver patio sealing Oakwood ohio

Professional Guidance and Precautions

Transitioning to the back patio, a cherished space for family gatherings, the client expressed concern over the organic buildup. Offering reassurance and professional guidance, our team alleviated their worries and took meticulous precautions to protect nearby screens during the cleaning process.

Brick paver patio clean and seal Oakwood oh

Final Touches: Polymeric Sand Installation and Sealing

Following the steam cleaning, we meticulously documented the transformation with “after” photos, showcasing the remarkable difference. Our services extend beyond cleaning, encompassing polymeric sand installation and sealant application to facilitate easier maintenance and prevent future buildup. We provide comprehensive information and guidance on future maintenance, ensuring lasting results and client satisfaction.

Hardscape cleaning and sealing Oakwood ohio

Hardscape restoration Oakwood ohio

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Perfect Paver Co., our pride lies in the expertise and dedication of our team. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your satisfaction at every stage of your hardscape restoration project. Trust us with your paver restoration needs, and let us deliver exceptional results that enhance the beauty and longevity of your outdoor spaces.

If you’re interested in working with Perfect Paver Co. to enhance your patio or driveway, please contact us today.

Elevate Your Front Entry: Indian Hill, OH Front Entrance Makeover by Perfect Paver Co.

Are you interested in enhancing your home’s curb appeal by updating your front entrance? If so, you’ll appreciate this journey through a recent front entryway makeover project by Perfect Paver Co. Located in Indian Hill, OH (Cincinnati), we brought our client’s vision to life by seamlessly incorporating repurposed natural stone from their existing front steps. This blend of old and new beautifully complements the architecture and age of their home!

Before picture of front entry makeover in Indian Hill OH

Building on Past Success

This project was especially fulfilling for us because we had the chance to work with a client again whom we had assisted previously. Having previously worked on their back patio, we were excited to reconnect with this client. Initially, they approached us for releveling and grout touch-ups for their deteriorating front steps. However, our team proposed a more comprehensive solution, suggesting the reconstruction of the steps with new materials while integrating the existing stone, which still complemented the home’s aesthetic.

Natural stone front steps restoration Indian hill ohio

Rebuilding Begins

With the materials and design finalized, the project kicked off. Witness the tear-out process and the meticulous preparation of the area for a concrete footer reinforced with rebar, guaranteeing durability and preventing future settling.

Front entry makeover Cincinnati ohio

Front porch design company Cincinnati ohio

Front porch design companies Indian hill ohio

Repurposing Existing Stone

As concrete is poured and the foundation takes shape, get a closer look at how we repurpose the old natural stone we saved from the existing steps. We cut the pieces into strips and used them as a veneer for each step face, ensuring a perfect match with the house. Watch as we set the new rock-face limestone step treads into place.

Natural stone front walkway Indian hill ohio

Front entrance and paver walkway Cincinnati ohio

Limestone steps Cincinnati ohio

Unilock Basalt Copthorne Paver Installation

After allowing the mortar to cure, we return to lay the Unilock Basalt Copthorne pavers. The dark colors of the pavers provide striking contrast to the lighter natural stone of the steps and house. Witness the meticulous laying and cutting of the pavers.

Paver walkway Indian hill ohio

New front paver walkway and stone entry way steps Indian hill ohio

Final Touches and Clean-Up

To ensure perfection, our technicians carefully clean up the surrounding areas, leaving no detail overlooked.

Unilock paver front entrance makeover company Cincinnati ohio

Front entry design ideas Cincinnati ohio

Complementing Architecture and Fresh Look

Our goal was to ensure that the new materials complemented the architecture of the home while providing a fresh, updated look. That’s why we opted for natural limestone treads and incorporated existing natural stone for the step risers. This choice honors the age and architecture of the home, blending old and new seamlessly.

Witness the transformation firsthand and explore how Perfect Paver Co can revitalize your front entrance, delivering a striking enhancement to your home’s curb appeal that seamlessly blends with its surroundings and boasts enduring quality. Contact us today to get started.

Before picture of front entry makeover in Indian Hill OH

New front paver walkway and stone entry way steps Indian hill ohio

Project Highlight: Fixing a poorly sealed paver patio in Centerville, Ohio

We hope this story about our project gives you a better idea of how we can make your outdoor living space just the way you want it! If you’ve had trouble with your pavers before, check out this great result from a project we finished in the Yankee Trace Golf Course Community in Centerville, Ohio.

Lots of our clients come to us with paver problems. Sometimes, the company they hired before, or even the homeowner themselves, tried to fix things without knowing how. We appreciate the effort, but it can turn into a big problem. If the wrong sand and sealer are used, or if a good product is put on the wrong way, it can be really bad. Luckily, our technicians know what to do in these situations. We want to help anyone going through this and find a good solution.

Before: Notice The White Film From Failed Sealer

Paver Sealer Stripping

Believe it or not, this client wanted their pavers to have dark reds, blues, and grays when they were installed. They thought it was impossible to get them back to that. Most people would agree, but we’ve seen this situation before. The sealer used before turned white and covered up the true beauty of the patio.

Remove white sealer from pavers

Now, we’ve used an eco-friendly stripping agent on the pavers. We wait a bit for it to work and then use steam to clean every inch. Our technicians are trained for this, and they really enjoy seeing the before-and-after difference. To make sure our sealer works well, it’s important to get rid of as much old sealer as possible.

During: We’ve Started The Stripping Process

Remove paver sealer

We’re halfway through the stripping process, and you can already see a big difference in color. This is just the start of how great the final result will look. After cleaning everything, our technician pointed out to the homeowner that their plastic edging around the edges was coming loose from the ground and popping up above the pavers. It’s never too late to add important structural products. And so, after agreeing to a small extra cost, we removed the plastic edging and put in our concrete paver edging.

Fixing paver edging

Now, here’s the final result right after sealing. We couldn’t get the perfect after picture before leaving the project because the sealer was still drying, but our customer was so happy that she offered to send a picture from her patio door once the sealant had dried the next day. Here’s the amazing outcome of the patio.

After: Look How Beautiful Those Pavers Are

Freshly sealed pavers after having failed sealer stripped

Melissa’s Perfect Paver Co. Story

Melissa and her husband live in beautiful Jupiter, Florida on Country Club Drive. They were preparing to put their house on the market and knew they needed to increase the curb appeal. Melissa knew the restoration of their front entryway and back pool patio needed to be done professionally. Their main goals were to not only increase curb appeal but focus on safety. As it stood, the pool patio was unusable, and the entryway was an accident waiting to happen. Melissa and her husband were on a mission to hire the best company for this project.
Melissa always likes to get three estimates. This allows her to make an educated decision when hiring the best company for her project. “Cost-wise, Perfect Paver was in the middle of the three estimates, but we felt most comfortable and confident with Perfect Paver. I am a stickler for reviews! The Perfect Paver reviews are what set your company apart from the rest and we were excited to begin the project,” said Melissa.
The Perfect Paver team was hired. Ethan and his assistant came out to begin the project. “Immediately I knew this job would be a big undertaking.” Said, Ethan. The first step was to understand the cause of all the damage to the pavers. “After speaking to Melissa and her husband, we came to the conclusion the landscape company had been riding their lawn mowers over the pavers, slowly breaking and cracking the borders over time,” Ethan stated. Identifying the cause of the problem was crucial. This insight would allow Melissa and her husband to make sure it would not happen again. Problem solved, now the solution…The Perfect Paver team got to work.
“My main goals were to make the areas safe and beautiful again,” said Ethan. The first step was to remove the old borders. The concrete border acts like a rubber band, tightly holding all the pavers together in uniform. Once the old border was removed, they took up all of the uneven and shifting pavers. They then re-leveled and compacted the setting base, creating a foundation for the pavers to be re-laid properly. After reinstalling the pavers, the reinforced concrete border was made. The pavers were now repaired and laid as a new installation. It was now ready to be cleaned, sanded, and sealed. Melissa chose a tan polymeric sand to go with the darker brown pavers. After the sand was installed, everything was sealed enhancing the natural colors of the pavers.
Melissa and her husband were so thrilled with the outcome of their Perfect Paver project. “My pavers have never looked as good!” Said, Melissa. Throughout the entire process, Ethan communicated and explained every detail of this project keeping Melissa and her husband informed and educated. ” It was so nice to know that if we had any questions or concerns along the way, your company was there for us,” said Melissa. Melissa was not only thrilled with her project but the follow-up that came once the project was completed. Ethan left her with the knowledge of how to care for her pavers moving forward. He also went over any issues that might occur. “I have a banana tree that tends to stain the pavers from time to time. Ethan explained how to spot clean these stains. He even left me with some polymeric sand in case anything needed to be touched up in the future.” Melissa excitedly stated. “I felt very confident throughout the entire process and after. It feels great to know there’s a company that cares about their customers once a project is done.” Said, Melissa.
Melissa and her husband are so thrilled with the results and the decision to hire Perfect Paver. What were once eyesores are now a selling point for the house. “Everyone that comes to see the house comments on how wonderful the pavers look.” Said, Melissa This incredible project was another success for Perfect Paver Co, and most importantly for Melissa and her family. They are confident this project was the crucial element in getting them a SOLD sign on their house.

Roland’s Perfect Paver Co. Story

We all want our home and its surrounding areas to look and be its absolute best! Sometimes, increasing its safety is a crucial part of this process. This is precisely what Roland and his wife Lois had in mind when they started their search for a paver restoration company.

Roland and his wife Lois live in Gahanna, a suburb of Columbus Ohio in Northeast Franklin County. They’ve lived in their beautiful home for 31 years. After all this time, things are bound to need a little improvement. The main entrance to the house contains a walkway with a few steps leading up to the front door. Unfortunately, the elements have caused these steps to deteriorate. They became loose, unstable and we’re falling apart making them very unsafe. Due to the steps breakage, a year and a half ago, Lois experienced this lack of safety when she fell and broke her hip. They knew it was time to get this area taken care of immediately.

Roland had seen the Perfect Paver Co. trucks in his neighborhood on a few occasions. He was always very curious about the company, so he decided to talk to his neighbors and get some feedback on their experiences. Each neighbor he spoke with had nothing but great things to say about their own personal results with Perfect Paver Co. These neighbors had driveways, patios, and walkways that had been beautifully restored by Perfect Paver Co. He now had the confidence he needed to give them a call.

At first, Roland was slightly skeptical due to a previous experience he had with a different company. This company had made promises mixed with excuses and ultimately, they never showed up. After Roland’s initial phone call with Perfect Paver Co., he knew this was a highly professional company that would do what was promised and get the job done right.

Brian and Blake were the technicians assigned to this job. This was February in Ohio, so everyone was aware of the challenges the weather might present. This job was to not only be a repair to the steps, but a clean, sand, and seal of the walkway as well as driveway. Due to the extremely cold temperatures, they would start with the repairs and finish the remaining steps in Spring. Roland took Brian and Blake around the area while explaining his expectations and goals for the job. Brian assessed the area. “I immediately recognized the material of the steps, they were unilock brussels block pavers. I was confident we could fix this area for Roland and his wife and make them safe.” Said Brian. They discussed the goals, concerns, and the process of what this repair would entail.

The techs got to work! “We were dealing with snow and cold temperatures. There were days we had to shovel snow just to get to the area” Said, Brain. During the construction, Brian and Blake built a tent around the area they were working on. This enabled them to pump in heat which allowed them to keep warm and working. Lois was eager to see their progress and make sure they were doing ok. “Lois was very friendly and involved during the process. She was a very kind lady who would come check on us daily,” said Brian.

This is a very heavily wooded property with trees surrounding the house. All of these beautiful trees meant lots of tree root growth. The techs were quickly made aware that these roots were the culprit of the stair’s breakage. The techs tore up everything from deep down to remove the roots and have a fresh area to work on. They then poured a concrete base which allowed them to rebuild the steps. They made sure the area was safe, solid, and brought back to its original beauty. These steps were rebuilt with the long-term goal in mind of lasting through any possible tree root growth. “The guys did an excellent job. They were very hardworking and trustworthy. I am so happy to have something safe, solid and good looking to walk on.” Said Roland

Roland was ecstatic with the results and the newfound safety of these steps. Due to the diligent work of these Perfect Paver Co. technicians, these steps can now be used in complete confidence. Come Spring, the Perfect Paver Co. technicians will come back to finish the paver restoration job they started. Brian and Blake did an excellent job of listening to Roland and Lois’s concerns. Roland feels so great with the peace of mind knowing his wife and anyone else using these steps will be safe. Come rain, shine, snow or cold temperatures, it’s good to know there is a company that will work during these conditions to make sure your home and its surrounding areas are beautifully restored and repaired with confidence in its safety.

Drew’s Perfect Paver Co Story

Drew once loved his paver patio, but after time, his steps began to shift and fall. Luckily, he decided to call Perfect Paver and see what we could do. Come take a look at Drew’s story 🙌

Caroline and Lee’s Perfect Paver Co Story

Caroline and Lee originally had decided to go with a contractor who ended up not having the proper expertise to repair their pavers, and even made them much worse, however when they decided they wanted it done correctly, they decided to call us. Watch them talk about their journey!

They don’t put the word Perfect in Perfect Paver for nothing!

Greg and his wife live in a beautiful colonial-style home in Dublin, Ohio. They are so proud of this home and really wanted to maximize the outdoor space. In its current state, they went the whole summer without ever using the patio. Greg’s wife finally put her foot down stating “we have got to do something with this patio!” As it stood, the area desperately needed a refresh so Greg and his wife decided it was time to repair and restore this area into a space they could use and appreciate.

Greg originally called a company that did quite the opposite of a beautiful restoration. The company led with low expectations and little to no communication. They seemed to come up with excuse after excuse as to why they were not completing the job properly or within an acceptable amount of time. Greg had enough and decided to call the owner of the company directly. The owner came out to take a look and agreed the job was a disaster. He also told Greg, “What you’re looking for is not possible, your patio is too old and your expectations are unrealistic.” Greg’s patio was only five years old so he knew it was time to cut ties and find someone he could trust, communicate with and who would do the job properly.

After some online searching, Greg found Perfect Paver. He quickly knew this was the company to fix their situation. From the minute Greg filled out the drop-down form on the website, he was thoroughly impressed. The form stated someone would call him the next day, and right on time, Greg had the pleasure of speaking with Katie, Perfect Paver’s project coordinator. Katie and Greg were able to discuss all important information, expectations, and goals. They were able to communicate everything needed from the phone call to move forward with the project. Katie told Greg someone would be contacting him within two weeks to be put on the schedule. That is precisely what Perfect Paver did. During these beginning stages of communication, Greg was impressed with how accurate and user-friendly the whole process was. He already knew he was in good hands with Perfect Paver.

Greg soon received a call from Zach, the lead technician assigned to the job. Zach called to inform him he would like to come and take a look at the patio and discuss the project details. Zach and Devan, the technicians assigned to this project, went to get an overview of the situation. Greg explained the disaster of the previous job and immediately Zach saw all of the mistakes that were made. Zach explained how the previous situation was not done correctly and what it would entail to fix everything the old company had damaged. They discussed in detail what Greg’s goals were for the job and how the techs were going to go about restoring this botched patio bringing it back to a beautiful and useable space.

Greg’s expectations and goals were perfectly obtainable and achievable for the technicians of Perfect Paver. From the moment Zach and Devan arrived, Greg was impressed with the knowledge and skill these techs had. “Zach and Devan were professional, friendly and humble. I could tell they truly cared about their work and took pride in their career. They showed up on time, prepared and enthusiastic every day”, Said Greg. Greg was kept informed of every detail. “Zach had excellent communication and was a great guy that did an incredible job.” Said Greg.

The techs stripped off the old sealer and cleaned up the damage done. The final step of this job was sealing the pavers. The team sealed them on a Saturday, completing the job. Just two hours later, Greg and his wife were surprised by a massive monsoon that hit the area, slamming their neighborhood with many inches of rain for a few hours. Although Zach explained the possibility of rain and how it wouldn’t hurt the sealing process, Greg was still very worried. Greg decided to send Zach a text informing him of his concerns. Zach responded immediately calming his concerns. Zach showed up the next day to take a look at the area and make sure the excessive amount of rain didn’t do any damage. Zach explained the pavers just needed to dry and all would be good, but if he had any concerns, they would be more than happy to address them. Zach stated, “The owner does not put the word Perfect on the side of the trucks for no reason!” It was excellent communication and initiative that Greg sincerely appreciated.

The whole process from beginning to end was extremely impressive. For not one moment was Greg left wondering, “Where are these guys?” Greg anticipated the project taking a couple of weeks, but it was done in 3 consecutive days which Greg was thrilled about. Greg was blown away at how client-friendly the company is which really made the whole process easy and smooth. Greg exclaimed “With Perfect Paver, you don’t feel like you are working with a contractor or a big business. With those guys, sometimes weeks go by and you haven’t heard from anyone. They come and start the job and then you don’t see them for a while.” Said Greg. This of course was not the case with Perfect Paver. “It was an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process. You fill out the form and someone contacts you immediately. From then on, every step of the way, you are kept in constant contact with someone and informed of the next step. The communication was paramount and you can tell the employees care about what they do,” said Greg. “I was so impressed with everyone at Perfect Paver every step of the way and after my experience, I know why they put the word Perfect in Perfect Paver, it’s in there for a reason!”

David’s Perfect Paver Co Story

Listen to David talk about his experience with a growing amount of black mold and the dulling of his travertine pavers and his experience with us restoring them!

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  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Swirl Marks
  • Weed Removal
  • Re-Sand the Joints
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  • Re-Sand the Joints
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  • Strip Existing Sealer (Add-On)
  • Joint Stabilizing Paver Sealer
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  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Swirl Marks
  • Weed Removal
  • Re-Sand the Joints
  • Repairs (Add-On)
  • Strip Existing Sealer (Add-On)
  • Joint Stabilizing Paver Sealer
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