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Transforming Driveways: Seamlessly Blending Old and New Pavers in Delray Beach, FL

Are you facing the challenge of integrating new pavers into your existing patio or driveway, only to find that they don’t quite match? You’re not alone. Many homeowners encounter this issue when extending their outdoor living spaces. However, there’s no need to worry – Perfect Paver Co. specializes in seamlessly blending new and old pavers to enhance your home’s curb appeal and make your vision a reality.

Let’s delve into a recent project that perfectly illustrates our dedication to meeting our clients’ goals. Situated in the Casa Bella Community in Delray Beach, Florida, this driveway transformation serves as a prime example of how we help homeowners achieve a more cohesive and attractive outdoor space.

When our client approached us with their concerns, their main goal was to correct the mismatched pavers in their driveway and increase their home’s curb appeal. Understanding the importance of their vision, we collaborated closely with them to develop a customized solution that would significantly reduce the noticeable difference between the old and new pavers.

Paver staining in Delray Beach fl


The process began with thorough steam-cleaning and the careful removal of residual sealer to prepare the surface for treatment. Next, our skilled technicians applied polymeric sand to ensure stability and uniformity in the joints. This specialized sand hardens when installed, providing lasting support for the pavers.

Paver sealing in Delray Beach fl


Then came the crucial step of enhancing the color of the pavers through our innovative tinting process. Using specialized techniques, we added color pigment to the pavers, significantly reducing the noticeable difference between the old and new sections. While perfection may not be attainable, our process makes the color variation significantly less pronounced, helping our clients achieve a more harmonious look for their driveway.

Paver staining and tinting in Delray Beach FL


With precision and attention to detail, our team applied the tinted solution evenly, ensuring a smooth transition between old and new sections. Finally, a protective coat of our proprietary sealer was applied to enhance durability and enrich the color of the pavers, making them look more vibrant and beautiful.

Paver Color Restoration in Delray Beach, FL


The results were truly remarkable. The vibrancy of the pavers was restored, significantly enhancing the overall appearance of the driveway. While the color difference between the old and new sections is still perceptible upon close inspection, it is now much less noticeable, allowing the home’s beauty to shine through.

Stain old pavers to match new in Delray Beach fl


In Picture 6, you can see the initial dual look of the driveway, showcasing the overall appearance before our transformation. Picture 7 highlights the vibrant results achieved after our process, with the color variation significantly reduced. Picture 8 provides a close-up view of the mismatched pavers before our intervention, while Picture 9 showcases the enhanced vibrancy and reduced color difference after our treatment.

At Perfect Paver Co., our ultimate goal is to make our clients’ dreams a reality by delivering exceptional results that exceed their expectations. If you’re facing similar challenges with your outdoor space, trust us to provide customized solutions that bring your vision to life. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help transform your home.

Paver restoration Delray Beach fl


Melissa’s Perfect Paver Co. Story

Melissa and her husband live in beautiful Jupiter, Florida on Country Club Drive. They were preparing to put their house on the market and knew they needed to increase the curb appeal. Melissa knew the restoration of their front entryway and back pool patio needed to be done professionally. Their main goals were to not only increase curb appeal but focus on safety. As it stood, the pool patio was unusable, and the entryway was an accident waiting to happen. Melissa and her husband were on a mission to hire the best company for this project.
Melissa always likes to get three estimates. This allows her to make an educated decision when hiring the best company for her project. “Cost-wise, Perfect Paver was in the middle of the three estimates, but we felt most comfortable and confident with Perfect Paver. I am a stickler for reviews! The Perfect Paver reviews are what set your company apart from the rest and we were excited to begin the project,” said Melissa.
The Perfect Paver team was hired. Ethan and his assistant came out to begin the project. “Immediately I knew this job would be a big undertaking.” Said, Ethan. The first step was to understand the cause of all the damage to the pavers. “After speaking to Melissa and her husband, we came to the conclusion the landscape company had been riding their lawn mowers over the pavers, slowly breaking and cracking the borders over time,” Ethan stated. Identifying the cause of the problem was crucial. This insight would allow Melissa and her husband to make sure it would not happen again. Problem solved, now the solution…The Perfect Paver team got to work.
“My main goals were to make the areas safe and beautiful again,” said Ethan. The first step was to remove the old borders. The concrete border acts like a rubber band, tightly holding all the pavers together in uniform. Once the old border was removed, they took up all of the uneven and shifting pavers. They then re-leveled and compacted the setting base, creating a foundation for the pavers to be re-laid properly. After reinstalling the pavers, the reinforced concrete border was made. The pavers were now repaired and laid as a new installation. It was now ready to be cleaned, sanded, and sealed. Melissa chose a tan polymeric sand to go with the darker brown pavers. After the sand was installed, everything was sealed enhancing the natural colors of the pavers.
Melissa and her husband were so thrilled with the outcome of their Perfect Paver project. “My pavers have never looked as good!” Said, Melissa. Throughout the entire process, Ethan communicated and explained every detail of this project keeping Melissa and her husband informed and educated. ” It was so nice to know that if we had any questions or concerns along the way, your company was there for us,” said Melissa. Melissa was not only thrilled with her project but the follow-up that came once the project was completed. Ethan left her with the knowledge of how to care for her pavers moving forward. He also went over any issues that might occur. “I have a banana tree that tends to stain the pavers from time to time. Ethan explained how to spot clean these stains. He even left me with some polymeric sand in case anything needed to be touched up in the future.” Melissa excitedly stated. “I felt very confident throughout the entire process and after. It feels great to know there’s a company that cares about their customers once a project is done.” Said, Melissa.
Melissa and her husband are so thrilled with the results and the decision to hire Perfect Paver. What were once eyesores are now a selling point for the house. “Everyone that comes to see the house comments on how wonderful the pavers look.” Said, Melissa This incredible project was another success for Perfect Paver Co, and most importantly for Melissa and her family. They are confident this project was the crucial element in getting them a SOLD sign on their house.

Perfect Paver Co Now Serving Southwest Florida

After about 1 year worth of planning, we are very pleased to announce we are open for business in Southwest Florida. Our service area will include Naples, Bonita Springs, Ft Myers, Cape Coral, and north to Venice, Sarasota and Bradenton.

We’ve developed a comprehensive system for paver restoration and maintenance. We have highly skilled and experienced individuals on our team. We have an awesome support staff in our office to answer all of your questions and concerns. We’re friendly, courteous and very professional. At the end of the day, we want you, our customer, to be happy.

We’re not a franchise. All locations are owned by one owner who carries a lifetime of paver experience.

Our services include:

  • Steam Cleaning of Pavers and Natural Stone
  • Removal of existing jointing materials between pavers and replacement with polymeric sand
  • Repairs to sinking, settling, shifting, broken, failed edges and more
  • Application of the best quality paver and natural stone sealers
  • Complete and unique process to preserve the integrity and enhance the beauty in travertine pavers
  • Restoration of Chicago brick pavers (replacement of jointing material with polymeric sand and sealing)
  • Regular maintenance plans to help you maintain your pavers and natural stone

Many homeowners who hire other contractors may be happy at first only to find that soon after the job is finished they become less and less happy. We aim to build a relationship with every client, and this is why we prescribe every customer upon the completion of their project a step-by-step guide that they need to follow to keep their pavers looking great. We also offer maintenance routines to compliment the customers efforts or full service plans to completely maintain the pavers and natural stone. What happens after a paver restoration job or seal job is equally as important as the job itself.

If you’re located in Ft Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Cape Coral, Venice, Sarasota or Bradenton, FL and would like to speak with us regarding your paver or natural stone pool deck, driveway, patio or HOA area, please share your contact information with us by completing this contact form on our website. We will contact you promptly to discuss your project with you and get you set up to provide an estimate.

If you would like more information about why you should seal your pavers, Chicago brick, travertine or other natural stone, please click here.

Why you should seal your new pavers

{Video Transcript}


Should you seal new pavers?

Hey, it’s Mark with Perfect Paver Co here in the Boca Raton area. I wanted to discuss the question, should I seal my newly installed pavers or should I seal my pavers that were just installed? So this is a customer who just recently had these pavers installed maybe six months ago. They probably could have had us here a little bit sooner, but they’re doing the right thing and that’s getting them sealed early. Now a lot of people think that sealing pavers is more of an aesthetic improvement. You know, it’s kind of like cars. For example. The main purpose of a car is for transportation. The beauty of the car, how you look in the car, that’s secondary. When it comes to sealing pavers, most people think that sealing them is just for aesthetics. The aesthetics is the secondary reason why you seal. The most important reason you want to seal your pavers when they’re newly installed is to protect them, protect the color, protect the surface from deteriorating. 


Why should you seal new pavers?

As soon as you install pavers, the dyes and pigments that give the paver color start deteriorating from the sun’s UV rays that’s hitting them. Especially here in south Florida, you’re really gonna lose your color quick. So the sealer that we apply on pavers when they’re new acts like sunblock to the paver. It’s going to protect the paver from the sun soaking out the color. It’s also going to put a nice coat of protection on the paver that prevents the acid in the rain, and the deteriorating effect from the rain constantly pelting the surface. 


How long should you wait before sealing new pavers?

So, it’s very important to seal your pavers right away. Now we suggest maybe waiting 30 to 60 days, to let the rain really hit it, and wash off the construction debris, let that stone sit and breathe a little bit. But at that 60 day point, its ready to be sealed. So today, we’re going to be doing a light clean on this project, install polymeric sand and seal it. 


Sealing new pavers can also help keep mold away

You can see these pavers are starting to get some mold growth already occurring in the joints. So we’re going to steam clean it. We’re going to be getting all of that organic build-up out of the joints. We use steam because steam is actually one of the only effective ways at killing mold. Bleach does not kill mold. Chlorine does not kill mold. Bleach and chlorine simply remove the leaf from the microscopic mold spore and leaves the spore still intact to grow back. So the only effective way to kill the mold spore is with very hot water, which is why we steam clean, or with acid. And actually, when we finish your project, we’re going to be giving you some aftercare instructions on how to maintain your pavers with the usage of a special high acidity level white vinegar. 


Seal your new pavers for the right reasons

So that’s that. But, it’s extremely important. Seal your pavers right away. Seal for the right reasons. It’s going to look, you know, enhanced when we’re done, assuming you go with our wet look sealer. And in fact, a lot of people are choosing not to seal their pavers because they don’t want them to look wet, they don’t want them to look glossy. And that’s okay too. You still need to protect them. We can use a natural look sealer, and it’s not going to change the way the paver looks, but the pavers are going to be protected. Your investment is going to be protected and they’re going to stay looking great for a long time. So again, Mark with Perfect Paver Co. 

Hire Us

If you’re located in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio areas or Martin, St Lucie, Palm Beach, Broward, Lee or Collier County, FL then contact us to seal your new pavers.

Perfect Paver Co now serving Southwest Florida

Paver Sealing Naples, Fort Myers and Bonita Springs FL

Many of you reading this will be very excited to hear that Perfect Paver Co is now open in Southwest Florida. We say this because,
for the past few years, we’ve received tons of calls requesting us to service this area (Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and surrounding areas). Well, now we do. There’s nothing like the quality and customer service provided from a Midwestern company. That’s right, we’re based in Ohio. In 2016, we started expanding down to the East Coast of Florida. Now, you’ll find us on the West Coast too.

Perfect Paver Co specializes in the restoration of pavers and natural stone. This includes repairs, stripping of failed sealers, installing polymeric sand in to the joints and sealing the pavers with a very high quality sealer. Our customers rave about us because we specialize. We’re not a pressure washing company that happens to offer this as a supplemental service. Paver restoration and paver sealing is the only service we offer.

On just about every call from the Fort Myers area or Naples area, the customers explains how they’ve searched for years to find a company that offers the services that we offer, but has done so unsuccessfully. You won’t find another company in this area that provides the attention to detail, level of customer service, skill set of our professional crew, friendliness and professionalism of our crew, the level of equipment we use and the fact that we stand behind our work. Not to mention, when you call us, if we don’t answer, we actually call you back.

So, if you’re ready to get your pavers or natural stone looking great then its time to contact the Perfect Paver Co.

Learn more about the paver and natural stone services that we offer in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Bonita Springs, FL

Should I seal my pavers, travertine or Chicago Brick

Why should I seal my pavers or natural stone?

This is a great question, and one we feel isn’t asked enough. Each type of exterior surface needs maintained and protected in its own unique way and for its own unique reasons. Too often, we see companies apply a one-size-fits all technique to all surfaces.

Concrete Pavers – Most paver driveways and paver pool decks that you’ll see in Florida are made from concrete. When these pavers are made, the manufacturer mixes concrete with color pigments to achieve the color of the paver. Once these pavers are installed, they are exposed to the sun’s UV rays, acid in rain, impact from rain, salt in the air and in salt water pools, traffic, etc. The sun’s rays will deteriorate the color pigment in the paver causing them to slowly loose their color. The other elements cause a breakdown of the finer cement material on the surface of the paver exposing the rocks in the concrete mix. These rocks don’t accept the color pigment during the manufacturing process, so they will be their natural color and not the color of the paver.

These are concrete pavers. Notice the line down the middle. The pavers on the right appear more worn than the pavers on the left. That’s because the pavers on the left are under a roof overhang that blocks out the sun and rain. The pavers on the right get exposure to the sun and rain. Had these pavers been sealed, the pavers on the right would look like the pavers on the left.

Paver Sealed vs Paver not Sealed

Travertine, Limestone and Natural Stone Pavers – Unlike concrete pavers, travertine and limestone pavers are natural. No color pigment has been used to achieve their color, so you will never have to worry about color loss from natural stone. However, rain and salt in the air and in salt water pools will deteriorate travertine and limestone pavers over time. By sealing the travertine, this will help prevent this from happening. Properly protected, these types of materials will outlive the home. Unprotected when exposed to these elements, expect them to last as long as man made products.

Equally as important as sealing travertine, limestone and other natural stones is keeping the sand material locked in the joints or gaps between each stone. This is assuming these stones were sand set and not mortar set. On sand set natural stone installations, the sand must be installed in the joints for several reasons. A few are: 1. to create a cushion from one stone to the next to help minimize chipping, 2. Achieve friction between each stone so that the stones move up and down as one and not independent of each other causing unevenness, 3. The sand in the joints prevents heavy rains and cleaning from washing out and eroding the sand bed beneath the pavers. This is the leading cause to unevenness between one stone to the next. We see it often where a client has a travertine pool deck full of uneven stones. The thing they all have in common is, the joints are empty from frequent pressure washing or neglect. 4. When the joints are empty, they are prone to fill up with airborne organic material that blows across the stones and begins to collect. This organic material turns the gaps between your stones in to a mold and vegetation breading ground.

To combat all of this, our process on natural stone includes washing out the organic build up and sand from the joints and replacing it with our Polymeric Sand Grout which will lock itself in the joints preventing erosion of both the sand joint and the sand bed beneath the pavers.

The picture below will show you unevenness/settling in travertine pavers as well as deterioration caused by salt water in the pool.

Why Seal Travertine Pavers

Chicago Brick –  Although Chicago Brick and Clay Pavers are man made, their color is achieved in a completely different manor. No pigments are used. Instead, when these brick are made the color is determined by the clay used to make the paver and by how hot and how long the pavers are cooked in the kiln. These types of pavers will not loose their colors. However, similar to natural stone, they can deteriorate from salt in the air and in salt water pools. Therefore, they need to be protected when installed when these elements exist. Brick are very porous, so they can often store a lot of moisture. This constant damp environment can lead to major black mold growth. Sealing pavers with a water repellant type sealer will stop the penetration of water in to the paver which will dramatically reduce these issues.

In addition to sealing, we strongly suggest keeping the joints of Chicago Brick filled with sand. Due to the inconsistency in size of the Chicago Brick, there are almost always lager gaps/joints between each stone than other types of pavers. These joints, if not filled with sand, allow the pavers to shift and move. Overtime, this can lead to major issues. To combat this, our process on Chicago Brick includes washing out the organic build up and sand from the joints and replacing it with our Polymeric Sand Grout which will lock itself in the joints preventing erosion of both the sand joint, the sand bed beneath the pavers and keep help prevent the pavers from shifting.

The picture below shows how bad mold will get on Chicago Brick. Notice in the after picture our Polymeric Sand Grout looks like the pavers had been grouted or mortared together.

Why Seal Chicago Brick

We specialize in paver restoration throughout Ohio and Florida.

Currently, our Florida service area is Palm Beach County, Broward County, Martin and St Lucie Counties and Naples / Ft Myers / Bonita Springs.

If you would like to discuss your project with us, please visit our contact form to share your information with us and we will contact you. Feel free to also call us at any of the phone numbers listed at the top of this page.

The true cost of sealing pavers in South Florida

Unfortunately, it’s very common to drive through just about any neighborhood in South Florida and see tons of paver driveways that have been sealed incorrectly. Even an untrained eye can tell its incorrect typically due to the white haze cast over top of the pavers. The paver sealing business is one of the easiest business to start so we constantly see new start up businesses jumping into the market claiming to be an expert at paver sealing. These are usually painters, pressure washing contractors, handymen, etc. They’ve heard that you can get $1.25 or more per sq ft sealing pavers and they’re going to get rich by offering paver sealing services as well.

They receive their first call, and you’re the victim. They meet with you and they seem nice. They are nice. They are just people like you and me trying to make a dollar and grow our business. Typically, they aren’t out to cause you harm or do a bad job. I think most of them actually want to do the best job. The problem is, its what they don’t know that eventually causes the harm. They give you a price of $800 for your 2,000 square foot driveway. That’s $.40 per square foot. What a deal, you think to yourself. With the money you’ve saved, why not go out this evening for a fine dinner with the family to celebrate.

So you give this contractor a 50% deposit to get started. He’ll insist on the deposit because he does not have the funds to purchase the material otherwise and he has not established a commercial credit rating yet that would allow him to purchase the products from a supplier on credit. He takes the deposit and drives to the local big box hardware store and walks straight to the paint section to pick out the sealer that he’s going to use. There’s one that’s $250 per 5 gallons and one that’s $99.99 per 5 gallon bucket. Which one do you think he picks?

Let’s hold that thought and do a little math. The most common sealer brands that we see applied are Seal N Lock or Cobble Loc. WE DO NOT USE EITHER OF THESE PRODUCTS.

Seal N Lock: As you’ll see here, the cost of a 5 gallon bucket of this sealer is $295.
Coverage Rate: They are saying you get 200 square feet per gallon or 1,000 square feet per 5 gallons.

First Problem: This type of sealer is called a joint stabilizing sealer. This means that the sealer is designed to soak down in to the sand between the pavers and when it dries, it turns the sand hard. There’s no way possible to apply this product at 200 square feet per gallon and have the sealer soak down in to the joint enough to properly harden it more than about 1/4″-3/8″. This means that if you’re applying this sealer at the recommended coverage rate, its only going to harden the top 1/4″-3/8″ leaving the remaining 2″ of sand soft in the joint. In order to adequately stabilize the sand joint with a water based sealer we recommend using a maximum of 100 sq ft per gallon for joints up to 1/8″ wide and a maximum of 70 sq ft per gallon for joints up to 1/4″ wide.

Why would this manufacturer give an incorrect coverage rate? Simple, they want their product to be the cheapest per square foot making contractors more profitable and more likely to use their products.

Second Problem (His Problem Becomes Your Problem): Ok, back to doing the math. Let’s just say for discussion purposes that you’re hiring this contractor to clean and seal your 2,000 square foot driveway and he’s charging you $800. So, we know that based on the “recommended coverage rate” of the manufacturer  of 200 square feet per gallon, he will need 10 gallons. Again, we’re saying there’s no way possible you’re getting proper penetration of the joints at 200 sq ft per gallon. So, the cost of 5 gallons is $295 and they’re saying it will cover 1,000 square feet. So based on this, your contractor will need to spend $600 + tax for the sealer alone. Since he charged you $800, he has less than $200 left over to pay for his time, his equipment, his truck, his insurance, his workers compensation, his taxes, etc, etc, etc.

He starts doing the math himself and realizes, he’s not going to make any money on the job. When he gets the product, he realizes he’s in control of mixing the product. You see, these types of sealers give you part A and part B and you mix those together with water. If you want to increase your coverage rate, simply add more water. This means more profit for the contractor and lower quality for you. So he does your job and doubles the recommended amount of water, and he gets away with it. It looks fine for a couple months. So he keeps doing it on every job. If its a big job and he really wants it, he just adds more water so that he can get the cost down even lower.

Keep in mind, we’re saying at a minimum, if you’re trying to stabilize the sand joints, which is the secondary purpose of this joint stabilizing sealer, he should be applying it at 100 sq ft per gallon. So, now lets do the math based on the coverage rate that he should be using.

2,000 square feet / 100 square feet per gallon = 20 gallons of sealer. AKA (4) 5 gallon buckets x $295 (the cost of the sealer per 5 gal bucket) = $1,180.00 and he only charged you $800. Hmmmm. He’s either A. not going to be in business long because he’s loosing money, B. He’s diluting the sealer with way too much water or B. He’s not applying the sealer at the recommended coverage rate.

I say this every day. “There’s a race in Florida to make the cheapest paver sealer and then there’s a race to be the cheapest applicator/contractor that applies it. These are two races we’ll never participate in”.

The types of sealers above are water based sealers. Water is the ingredient or vehicle that takes the “plastic” in the sealer down in to the paver. The water evaporates or drains out leaving the plastic to protect the paver. The more water, the less plastic. In Florida, we strongly recommend using a water based sealer. However, just because you’re using a water based sealer, doesn’t mean it’s good. Water is not the key ingredient in water based sealers. It’s the type of “plastic”, the % of water, other ingredients that prevent stains and block UV rays from the sun that make one water based sealer better than the next. The best water based sealers are acrylic water based sealers.

The other types of sealers we see used in Florida are called solvent based. When these types of sealers go bad, its a nightmare. We see these used a lot by painters and handymen because they’re rolled on. The problem with these solvent based sealers is that they almost always, eventually turn a milky white over time requiring them to be stripped off. They are typically slippery. They show roller marks. And they are very high VOC (not environmentally friendly). If your contractor wants to use a solvent based sealer on your pavers, RUN. These sealers are thick and lay on top of the pavers. They prevent any moisture and water from penetrating the surface. Consequently, they also prevent water or moisture from escaping from the ground. Florida has a high water table level and this water and moisture is constantly trying to escape up through the surface. When the water tries to evaporate up through the paver, it gets trapped by the sealer. Over time, this process develops a hydraulic pressure that eventually breaks the bond that the sealer has with the paver. We call this delaminating. When the sealer delaminates, a void is created that fills up with moisture. The moisture and trapped air gives a white appearance to the sealer. When this happens, the sealer must be either chemically stripped or sand blasted off the surface. Both of these are very costly.

Bottom line, like with most things in life, but especially with paver sealing, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I feel that we’ve done a great job of offering a superior value, we’ve just not figured out how to be the cheapest. And we never will so long as people continue to hire the types of contractors I explained above. I broke down our business in to 4 categories: Our Materials, Our People, Our Equipment and Our Customer Service. I set out to offer the best in each of these categories so that I could offer the best to you, our customer. Each of these 4 categories come with a price. We add those costs up, and that determines how much we charge you. Decrease the quality or eliminate one or more of these categories and the price goes down. Which ones are you willing to give up? But that doesn’t fit our business model. We’ve found that there are enough quality minded people who are willing to pay a little more for peace of mind, and those people hire us. Potential customers tell me all the time, “these types of contractors wouldn’t be in business if they were doing what you say”. The reality is, many people will take huge risks to save money. If they hear cheap, that don’t hear anything else. Some people hear cheap and they run away; others run towards.

If you’re wanting a great value at a fair cost, we’re the best choice. Just keep in mind that how fair the price is, is relative to how great the value. Give us a call at (561) 614-1277 or (772) 249-3460 or complete the estimate form on our website.

We service all of Miami-Dade, Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Sarasota, Broward, Palm Beach, St Lucie and Martin Counties. For larger projects and commercial projects, we service all of Florida.

Miami, Palm Beach Gardens, Port St Lucie, Palm City, Jupiter, Hobe Sound, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Vero Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Naples, Ft Myers, Venice, Sarasota and everywhere near by and in between.


Thank you for reading – Mark Rhodus | President

PGA Village Island Club HOA Pool Deck Paver Sealing Port St Lucie, FL

The Perfect Paver Co of Palm Beach was hired by the PGA Village HOA to steam clean, re-sand and seal the HOA pool deck pavers around the PGA Village Island Club Clubhouse Pool in Port St Lucie, FL. These pavers had not been professionally cleaned or sealed in a very long time, possibly ever.


Here are a couple before pictures:


HOA Pool Deck Sealing Port St Lucie FL

Commercial Paver Sealing Port St Lucie Florida


And here are some after pictures:

HOA Paver Sealing Port St Lucie FL

HOA Paver Sealing Florida

Photo Aug 09, 1 34 59 PM (1)


The PGA Village HOA decided to hire The Perfect Paver Co for this project due to us coming highly recommended from their primary contractor for the community John Jacobs Construction. We have completed several other project with John Jacobs Construction and they know our reliability, quality of materials, advanced steam cleaning equipment and highly skilled English speaking and friendly staff is unlike other paver sealing contractors that they have worked with in the past.

If your community paver pool deck, paver walkways, paver driveways, paver patios, hotel paver pool deck, paver parking lot or any other paver area on your commercial or residential property is in need of repair, maintenance, cleaning and/or sealing please contact The Perfect Paver Co of Palm Beach. We offer our commercial paver sealing service in Florida, including Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, Fort Meyers, Tampa, Naples, Sarasota, Jacksonville and everywhere in between throughout the state of Florida.

For more information or pricing, please contact Mark Rhodus, owner, at or call (561) 614-1277.

View Ohio Pricing

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Ohio/Georgia Paver Sealer Pricing

Florida Paver Sealer Pricing

(Small Jobs)
Steam Clean + Seal
0 - 700 Sq Ft Projects $1000 Minimum
  • Steam Cleaning
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Swirl Marks
  • Weed Removal
  • Re-Sand the Joints
  • Repairs (Add-On)
  • Strip Existing Sealer (Add-On)
  • Joint Stabilizing Paver Sealer
$3.25 per sq ft
$2.30 per sq ft
(Medium Jobs)
Steam Clean + Seal
701 - 1,500 Sq Ft Projects
701 - 2,500 Sq Ft Projects
  • Steam Cleaning
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Swirl Marks
  • Weed Removal
  • Re-Sand the Joints
  • Repairs (Add-On)
  • Strip Existing Sealer (Add-On)
  • Joint Stabilizing Paver Sealer
$2.95 per sq ft
$1.75 per sq ft
(Large Jobs)
Steam Clean + Seal
1,501+ Sq Ft Projects
2,501+ Sq Ft Projects
  • Steam Cleaning
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Swirl Marks
  • Weed Removal
  • Re-Sand the Joints
  • Repairs (Add-On)
  • Strip Existing Sealer (Add-On)
  • Joint Stabilizing Paver Sealer
$2.20 per sq ft
$1.45 per sq ft
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264 Google Reviews


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