They don’t put the word Perfect in Perfect Paver for nothing!

Greg and his wife live in a beautiful colonial-style home in Dublin, Ohio. They are so proud of this home and really wanted to maximize the outdoor space. In its current state, they went the whole summer without ever using the patio. Greg’s wife finally put her foot down stating “we have got to do something with this patio!” As it stood, the area desperately needed a refresh so Greg and his wife decided it was time to repair and restore this area into a space they could use and appreciate.

Greg originally called a company that did quite the opposite of a beautiful restoration. The company led with low expectations and little to no communication. They seemed to come up with excuse after excuse as to why they were not completing the job properly or within an acceptable amount of time. Greg had enough and decided to call the owner of the company directly. The owner came out to take a look and agreed the job was a disaster. He also told Greg, “What you’re looking for is not possible, your patio is too old and your expectations are unrealistic.” Greg’s patio was only five years old so he knew it was time to cut ties and find someone he could trust, communicate with and who would do the job properly.

After some online searching, Greg found Perfect Paver. He quickly knew this was the company to fix their situation. From the minute Greg filled out the drop-down form on the website, he was thoroughly impressed. The form stated someone would call him the next day, and right on time, Greg had the pleasure of speaking with Katie, Perfect Paver’s project coordinator. Katie and Greg were able to discuss all important information, expectations, and goals. They were able to communicate everything needed from the phone call to move forward with the project. Katie told Greg someone would be contacting him within two weeks to be put on the schedule. That is precisely what Perfect Paver did. During these beginning stages of communication, Greg was impressed with how accurate and user-friendly the whole process was. He already knew he was in good hands with Perfect Paver.

Greg soon received a call from Zach, the lead technician assigned to the job. Zach called to inform him he would like to come and take a look at the patio and discuss the project details. Zach and Devan, the technicians assigned to this project, went to get an overview of the situation. Greg explained the disaster of the previous job and immediately Zach saw all of the mistakes that were made. Zach explained how the previous situation was not done correctly and what it would entail to fix everything the old company had damaged. They discussed in detail what Greg’s goals were for the job and how the techs were going to go about restoring this botched patio bringing it back to a beautiful and useable space.

Greg’s expectations and goals were perfectly obtainable and achievable for the technicians of Perfect Paver. From the moment Zach and Devan arrived, Greg was impressed with the knowledge and skill these techs had. “Zach and Devan were professional, friendly and humble. I could tell they truly cared about their work and took pride in their career. They showed up on time, prepared and enthusiastic every day”, Said Greg. Greg was kept informed of every detail. “Zach had excellent communication and was a great guy that did an incredible job.” Said Greg.

The techs stripped off the old sealer and cleaned up the damage done. The final step of this job was sealing the pavers. The team sealed them on a Saturday, completing the job. Just two hours later, Greg and his wife were surprised by a massive monsoon that hit the area, slamming their neighborhood with many inches of rain for a few hours. Although Zach explained the possibility of rain and how it wouldn’t hurt the sealing process, Greg was still very worried. Greg decided to send Zach a text informing him of his concerns. Zach responded immediately calming his concerns. Zach showed up the next day to take a look at the area and make sure the excessive amount of rain didn’t do any damage. Zach explained the pavers just needed to dry and all would be good, but if he had any concerns, they would be more than happy to address them. Zach stated, “The owner does not put the word Perfect on the side of the trucks for no reason!” It was excellent communication and initiative that Greg sincerely appreciated.

The whole process from beginning to end was extremely impressive. For not one moment was Greg left wondering, “Where are these guys?” Greg anticipated the project taking a couple of weeks, but it was done in 3 consecutive days which Greg was thrilled about. Greg was blown away at how client-friendly the company is which really made the whole process easy and smooth. Greg exclaimed “With Perfect Paver, you don’t feel like you are working with a contractor or a big business. With those guys, sometimes weeks go by and you haven’t heard from anyone. They come and start the job and then you don’t see them for a while.” Said Greg. This of course was not the case with Perfect Paver. “It was an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process. You fill out the form and someone contacts you immediately. From then on, every step of the way, you are kept in constant contact with someone and informed of the next step. The communication was paramount and you can tell the employees care about what they do,” said Greg. “I was so impressed with everyone at Perfect Paver every step of the way and after my experience, I know why they put the word Perfect in Perfect Paver, it’s in there for a reason!”

We Care | October 2021

Throughout the year, we partner with our teammates to raise awareness and money for causes important to them personally.

In October, we’ve partnered with our teammate Max to raise awareness and make a donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

During the month of October, each time a client lets us know that our team delivered a 5 star experience, Perfect Paver Co will make a $50 donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention on behalf of Max.

We’re looking forward to seeing how our team will work together this month creating raving fans to support Max and his cause.

Thank you Max for being vulnerable and sharing your story with us.

Perfect Paver’s South Florida Fishing trip

It was a day filled with excitement, fun and bucket list cross off’s for the South Florida team of Perfect Paver. The incredible success that Perfect Paver Co. has is attributed to the hard work and dedication each team member shows daily. It was time for these team members to be treated to an exciting day off and be shown just how much they are appreciated and valued. What better way to do this than a beautiful day out on the ocean deep-sea fishing?

The day was carefully planned in detail with everyone’s enjoyment in mind. Some of the team members piled in the large SUV with Ethan as their driver. During the drive, the guys shared in their excitement and anticipation of the day. As they say, it’s the journey, not the destination that creates some of the best memories. Casey M shared, “I enjoyed the ride down with all of the team members. We all did a bunch of laughing and joking around. The whole day was awesome, but this was definitely my favorite part.”

They arrived at the Lady Pamela 2, the charter boat that was hired for the day – a 50′ custom-built sportfishing boat. This was a unique opportunity for some of the team who love to fish but have never gone out to sea on such a large and beautiful boat. The water that day was calm, crisp, and clear. There were plenty of snacks, lots of drinks, and Dramamine if anyone needed it. (Luckily, no one did!)

The day was nothing short of eventful. After three hours of bottom fishing and catching nothing, the team asked the captain if they could switch to trolling. The first mate set rod’s up off the boat and the captain started trolling around covering large areas. Not even 30 seconds went by when someone started yelling, “FISH ON, FISH ON!!” Moments later another and then another. Everyone started running around in excitement trying to real in a line as fast as possible.

For Mike, this experience was on his bucket list. “This was a special day for me. Especially since I always do my fishing from land. I’ve always wanted to go deep-sea fishing and catch a Mahi- mahi.” Ethan who likes to do some fishing in his spare time had a particularly great day as well. “Being able to troll changed the dynamic of the whole trip. This got everyone amped up and it was cool seeing everyone have so much fun.” Not only did they catch the sought-after Mahi- mahi, but they caught snapper, and strawberry grouper.

They even caught a surprise package, what is known as a “square grouper” here in South Florida. The team was shocked when they fished a securely wrapped package that looked like it fell right off of a cartel boat. They alerted the coast guard who met them back at the dock to pick it up.

After a successful day of fishing, the team got back to the boat slip and made their way to dinner. Tiki Tiki was the restaurant picked for its perfect location, fresh seafood, and ideal atmosphere. The chef took their freshly caught fish fillets and created appetizers for the table. This was a first for Mike who before this trip would not eat seafood. “After we brought the fillets to the restaurant to be prepared, I decided I was going to try it, and I did!! This trip has left me with a whole new assortment of dishes I can enjoy for the rest of my life. It took catching the damn fish, but I actually like seafood now!” Said Mike. The guys had an amazing night out and enjoyed their dinner and drinks while catching up and sharing their own unique stories of the day.

The day went perfectly from beginning to end and these Perfect Paver team members deserved every minute of it. “I’m so proud to work with this team. We work so hard together and I’m happy we’re able to play hard together. This entire day was a blast and well deserved by everyone one of us.” Said Mark.

Casey G said, “By far this was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time, and it was awesome to see all of us be able to hang out and enjoy the day. I appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into this trip which makes me realize all of our hard work is appreciated.” Max, one of the east coast team members said, “The whole trip, in general, was great. I was able to meet team members I have never met. The whole experience was amazing. I’ve never caught a Mahi-mahi before and have always wanted to do that.”

There’s no greater feeling than knowing you are valued and appreciated as an employee and that was precisely the goal of the day, to say thank you to everyone who makes this company what it is. The strength and success of Perfect Paver as a company is a direct result of each individual team member contributing to the team’s success. On this day particularly fun day, it was so nice to be able to contribute to the excitement and happiness they all truly deserve.


David’s Perfect Paver Co Story

Listen to David talk about his experience with a growing amount of black mold and the dulling of his travertine pavers and his experience with us restoring them!

Kristine’s Perfect Paver Co Story

Kristine’s story is one we hear far too often. She hired a contractor to clean her pavers. After a poorly done job, Kristine didn’t know where to turn. She found Perfect Paver Co in hopes we could help “Cure” her pavers. We’re so glad that we were able to find each other and make her pavers beautiful again.

Frank’s Perfect Paver Story

“Don’t waste your time with Joe Shmo”

Franks Story:

Frank and his wife Kathy bought their home in Columbus, Ohio eleven years ago. They choose this house due to its location on Overlook Drive in The Knolls neighborhood. This was their dream home and they fell in love with it right away. They loved everything about it, especially the beautiful back patio. They thoroughly enjoyed this house and Frank consistently kept up with the patio. As it happens in life, wear and tear and weather took a toll on the bricks over time. Normally, every few years, Frank would do his own restoration by pressure washing, sanding and sealing the brick patio himself. This worked fine for a while, but in its current condition, Frank knew a professional was needed. The bricks had begun to sink, there were some broken areas including failing edges and the step leading to the back door desperately needed to be repaired. Overall, the whole patio had become very dirty. The sealer had built up over time dimming the natural beauty of the brick. It was time to find an expert paver restoration service.

Paver Restoration Columbus OH


Frank did know one thing; he didn’t want just anyone for the job. He knew there were dozens of eager companies out there, but in his words, “I don’t want any Jo Shmo” He wanted it done properly and professionally the first time. He took the time to research companies and came across the Perfect Paver website. After reading the testimonials and seeing the impressive before and after photos, he knew this was the perfect company for his job. Frank and his wife had been budgeting and preparing for this day, so they called Perfect Paver immediately and they were put on the schedule. It was perfect timing and they had found the perfect company for their needs.

Dustin, Brian and Blake were the technicians assigned to the job. They arrived at Frank’s home and discussed the expectations and details of the process. They explained the job would include repairs and the patio would need two strips as it had years of sealer buildup. Frank couldn’t have agreed more. The technicians got to work on Franks patio which consisted of repairs, stripping, sanding and sealing. Brian and Blake were able to impressively repair failing edges by relevelling the pavers and installing perma-edge restraint. They also repaired the step leading to his back door which yielded incredible results. These technicians were so dedicated to this job, that even the weather couldn’t stop them. It rained heavily which would make most people pause for the day, but these dedicated technicians set up a 10×10 canopy so they could continue their work for the day and keep on track with the goals and expectations promised.

The job went smoothly and the results were phenomenal. Frank was impressed by these hard working and dedicated technicians. Their professionalism, friendliness and expertise in the field was remarkable. Frank and Kathy were awestruck and felt they were looking at a brand-new patio. One of the first people to witness the transformation was Frank’s brother-in-law. He was so impressed that he immediately called Perfect Paver and scheduled a job for his own patio which Brian and Blake attended to.

This was a flawless experience for everyone involved and Frank couldn’t wait to share the results with his Facebook friends. His many followers were very impressed and ‘WOW’ was the word used most when commenting on the before and after photos. Frank knew he made the right decision by going straight to the best company and not wasting any time or money with “Jo Shmo”. Not only did the results exceed their expectations, but the whole process was an absolute pleasure for both Frank and his wife Kathy. They are now Perfect Paver clients for life and are enjoying their beautiful patio every day.

Brick Paver Sealing Columbus Ohio


Jeff’s Perfect Paver Co Story

Are you making the most out of your paver patio?

Jeff and his wife bought their home in Mason, Ohio, two years ago. They moved from Chicago, and in this new era of working from home, they brought their jobs with them. They had a lovely home in which they were content, but they did not utilize every area the house had to offer. As a result of time, their once beautiful back patio had become dormant and overgrown with moss, grass, and the accumulation of dirt. This situation did not seem to bother Jeff, but it most certainly bothered his wife. She is a stickler for details and did not appreciate what the patio had become. In fact, she was pretty embarrassed.  In the past, she cherished being outside and the pride she felt for her outdoor space was passed down to her from her father. He took great care in the upkeep and maintenance of his property.

Paver Patio Mason, OH


One of the things Jeff and his wife liked to do most was entertaining. They loved having friends and family over. Depending on the season, they spent a lot of time outside, but this was no longer possible. Given this was getting in the way of their social life, something had to be done. They felt being outside was not only the best but the safest way to move forward in the aftermath of the pandemic. With the way things were, Jeff and his wife no longer invited anyone over, so something had to change. With an almost identical space to Jeff’s, his neighbor had just received excellent results using Perfect Paver. Jeff and his neighbor had a conversation and the decision was made to give the team at Perfect Paver a call. Jeff was immediately scheduled, and the team came out to start the job.

Jake and Matt were the two technicians assigned to this job. On initial arrival, Jake and Matt explained in detail what this job would entail and the expectations for the final results. Jeff was so impressed by their communication and enthusiasm. Jake and Matt listened to his needs and understood the importance of the timeline. Working from home allowed Jeff to observe and communicate with Jake and Matt as they did the job. Jeff witnessed their attention to detail and excellent work ethic firsthand.

Paver Patio Restoration Mason, OH


The results of this restoration were outstanding. It was a small job with a significant impact. This job transformed an unused and unappreciated back patio into a place they are so proud of. They immediately invited their family over for dinner on the patio and planned movie nights outside. Jeff even had the opportunity to throw his wife a surprise Birthday party which he held on the new patio. Not only was the surprise party a hit, but it was a chance for them to show off and take advantage of their new space. The only regret they had was not giving Perfect Paver a call sooner.



Neil’s Perfect Paver Co Story

You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

This is what Neil, a recent customer asked after he had been overpromised and underdelivered many times before. Neil has a home sitting directly on the scenic intercoastal of South Florida. Although Neil had his ideal home, he had a dilemma. The courtyard was originally constructed with the installation of a very unique Spanish-style clay brick. These beautiful clay bricks were made in South America, cast in a kiln then laid out in a field to dry. During this drying process, a pack of wild dogs were passing through the area and decided to leave their unique stamp of approval, a perfect portrait of paw prints. This was quite a unique trait that both Neil and his wife truly appreciated. They were happy to have these little pieces of art as part of their home.

Spanish clay brick pavers South Florida

Unfortunately, year after year of being sealed incorrectly and Florida’s rough elements, these pavers would always default back to a milky color. Neil and his wife were left with the Dilemma of starting the courtyard from scratch or keeping the original integrity with one last chance at restoration.

Spanish Clay Brick Paver Driveway

The Last

Neil was discussing these options with an architect friend who just recently had some incredible work done by Perfect Paver. Neil decided as the last hope to give them a call. Contacting the team at Perfect Paver, Neil was put in touch with Tom, one of the knowledgeable members of the sales team. Tom came out to the property to see firsthand what this job would entail. Neil explained the history and how he and his wife would ideally love to restore the natural beauty and integrity of the pavers. During their initial meeting, Neil was taken aback by the knowledge, understanding, and level of detail Tom had of the paver restoration process. After this meeting, Neil immediately knew this was the perfect company for the job and he was confident the team would accomplish the goal that was so important to himself, his wife, and his family.

This was of course a decision he did not take lightly after being overpromised and under-delivered many times before. Neil used this information and made the educated choice to restore this courtyard for himself and his wife. She had an attachment to these pavers and cherished the history and beauty. And as we all seem to know, happy wife, happy life!

  The decision had been made! Neil was scheduled and the team at Perfect Paver came out to start the job. Two technicians, Ethan and Chaz were sent out to do the job and as Neil puts it, the whole situation went better than he ever anticipated. Ethan and Chaz arrived on time and were exceptional during the four days on the job. Neil is a stickler for details, a self-confessed perfectionist in every aspect of his life. He was concerned about some of the sensitive corners of his property and was thrilled when Ethan and Chaz acknowledged his concerns. They kept the area worked on clean and tidy every evening when they finished for the day. Neil truly could not have been happier with the level of hard work, respect, detail, punctuality, and knowledge these two hard workers demonstrated. They treated his property as though it was their own and this did not go unnoticed by Neil or his wife.

Spanish Clay Brick Driveway Restoration South Florida

This project was a perfect example of impeccable work from everyone involved. From the initial phone call to the final reveal, Neil and his wife were pleased and had the peace of mind knowing they had made the right decision. They have never seen the pavers look as vibrant as they do now and are thrilled at being able to keep their home in its original beauty. In Neil’s words, this was a project that was under promised and over delivered and he could not be happier.

Debbie’s Perfect Paver Co Story

After going through a year and a half with previous contractor Debbie, from Liberty Township, Ohio, realized that she needed to find someone that would do the job right. So she began to do some research and found us. We’re so glad that we were able to find each other and make her pavers beautiful again!

We Care | July 2021

As many of you know, it’s been weighing on our hearts that we could do more to give back to the communities we serve and do so in a way that would rally the team together.

Each month we will share a story about a member of our team and the charity they’re passionate about. During that entire month, each time our team works together to create a raving fan and that fan lets us know, Perfect Paver Co will make a $50 donation to that team members charity.

In the month of July, we’re sharing Alyssa Bess’ story of how being a Type 1 Diabetic has impacted her life and what the charity she chose, JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation,) does to help people just like her!

View Ohio Pricing

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Ohio Paver Sealer Pricing

Florida Paver Sealer Pricing

(Small Jobs)
Steam Clean + Seal
0 - 500 Sq Ft Projects $1000 Minimum
  • Steam Cleaning
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Swirl Marks
  • Weed Removal
  • Re-Sand the Joints
  • Repairs (Add-On)
  • Strip Existing Sealer (Add-On)
  • Joint Stabilizing Paver Sealer
$2.10 per sq ft
$2.00 per sq ft
(Medium Jobs)
Steam Clean + Seal
501 - 1,500 Sq Ft Projects
1,501 - 2,500 Sq Ft Projects
  • Steam Cleaning
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Swirl Marks
  • Weed Removal
  • Re-Sand the Joints
  • Repairs (Add-On)
  • Strip Existing Sealer (Add-On)
  • Joint Stabilizing Paver Sealer
$1.95 per sq ft
$1.50 per sq ft
(Large Jobs)
Steam Clean + Seal
1,501+ Sq Ft Projects
2,501+ Sq Ft Projects
  • Steam Cleaning
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Swirl Marks
  • Weed Removal
  • Re-Sand the Joints
  • Repairs (Add-On)
  • Strip Existing Sealer (Add-On)
  • Joint Stabilizing Paver Sealer
$1.60 per sq ft
$1.25 per sq ft
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